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Heart Beat

Bio Chris Wolter

Bio Chris Wolter


October 15th, 2013


It was in the 1980’s when i got in touch with electronic music but more or less unconsiously. The bands I favorized were Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure etc. I think I loved the plastic and sometimes unusual sounds by using the synthisizer especially Depeche Mode. I am still a Fan of Depeche Mode and Martin L. Gore.

The first contact to electronic music in terms of techno music was about 16 years ago and it was amazing to feel the pumping monothone beats and to be one with the crowd. The first big event was the LOVE PARADE 1997 in Berlin. At this time my life was just consuming electronic music either techno, trance or hardcore. Honestly, I loved the hard trance music and I did not let out the big rave parties celebrating trance nation (160 bpm … haha … love this part of my life).

Just listening to music got boring and I decided to buy 2 used Reloop turntables with belt drive and one Numark DJ mixer. That was in the year 2003. Thus, the „DJ career“ started even just in my living room but with lots of fun, hardtechno music and „my living room DJ colleagues“ Matzi, Jojo and Oelli (….great time). Later I became a proud owner of two turntables Technics MK2 and Pioneer Mixer DJM 800.

I dont remember the exact time but I made my debut as DJ in DT 64 Club in Rostock, Germany organized together with some friends. With the same crew we were organizing open air parties in Benitz, Germany where I also played as DJ.

On the 3rd Benitz open air party I met Herrn Emmrich at that time busy with his project Klangtreiber. Shortly after Steffen Albert was crossing my path on a private party.

From 2007 to 2008 Steffen Albert (Ferienliebe Tontraeger), Herr Emmrich (Korten Vertonung) and myself were organizing the event series „Juli im“ and „Medizin nach Noten“. Successful or not did not play any role, but we had lots of fun, always good music and we were growing together.

Herr Emmrich und Herr Albert were producing the electronic music long time before I did. This was pushing me and I decided in the beginning of the year 2008 to start. On the other hand it was also the time for me to leave germany and to work abroad in South East Asia, Vietnam. In the beginning very much influenced by minimal techno and my old home Germany I started producing. As longer I stayed in Vietnam as more my music got character and my own definition and interpretation of minimal techno influenced by my new life and all the moments even good or bad I went through.


  1. 2007  – 2008
  2. 2008  – 2011

2012 2012

Techno events „Juli im“ and „Medizin nach Noten“ in Rostock, Germany and others in Rostock, Germany
Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam (Olaf Zeumann Ensemble)
Music Event „Helga’s Kitchen“ in Rostock, Germany

Music Event „Helga’s Kitchen“ in Rostock, Germany
CAMA Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam (Olaf Zeumann Ensemble) Event Heart Beat Flatline (upcoming event on Nov. 18, 2012) Event Heart Beat #1 (upcoming event on Dec. 15, 2012)


Music / Composer:
2010 EP „Neuland“ (Korten 006) published on Weblabel Kortenvertonung

Tracks produced by Chris Wolter:

2014 EP „Heart Beat“ (upcoming)  2014 Album „E.M.I.“ (upcoming)

catalog: korten006
released: 18.08.2010
 tyle: techno, house
all songs written & produced by
herr emmrich (02), 
chris wolter (03/04) mastering by silvio marquardt

1. albert & emmrich – haedge [korten006]
2. herr emmrich – catechu [korten006]
3. chris wolter – buddha in heart [korten006]


 . chris wolter – you love me now [korten006]


chris wolter feat. nguyen thi anh nguyet (vocals)

1 anh vo duyen ■
2 ghosts ■
3 you love me now

4 deep ■

5 roots ■
6 buddha in heart

7 buddhism temple

8 e.m.i. ■

9 verstrahlt ■
10 heart beat ■

Event Organizer:
2007 – 2008 Techno events „Juli im“ and „Medizin nach Noten“ in Rostock, Germany

2012-now  Techno events „Heart Beat“  in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2 Band Member: Olaf Zeumann Ensemble (Experimental, Minimal Techno)




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