From house to techno in Saigon


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► INTRO:  Heart Beat in Autumn is finally back at the venue always considered Heart Beat’s home, the Observatory. The 3rd location of the legendary club, must be appealing to a lot more people, boosting a spacious rooftop terrace and warm wooden floors in the dark club space, that will offer an escape to anyone that loves good dance music, good company and tasty drinks.

Some Day in 2011, our headliner Stenny, picked up the Zenker brothers Marco & Dario from the airport for their gig in Turin. He stayed in touch with Marco and Dario after the gig and quickly became part of the Zenker Brothers/ Ilian Tape family with other artist like Skee Mask, Jonas Kopp, & Laksa. Together with his mate Andrea they are clearly causing an enormous interest ever since the Turin DJ’s became regulars on the label that was started by the Zenker brothers in 2007. Stenny, born in City of Nutella and Fiat, now based in Munich has already 7 releases under his belt and is resident of Ilian Tape nights at venues like Blitz Club, Rote Sonne or even Concrete. The line up further cemented by MAdderModes and Chris Wolter is guarantee for a night to remember.

Saigon Electronica: All Episodes on the scene in Saigon anno 2018  


26-01-2018 |  Heart Beat Presents Markus Suckut
15-03-2018 |  Heart Beat Presents BNJMN Delsin Album Tour