Bio Ed Davenport // Infrastructure NY including exclusive Q&A From house to techno in Saigon


Bio Ed Davenport // Infrastructure NY including exclusive Q&A

Bio Ed Davenport // Infrastructure NY including exclusive Q&A


July 1st, 2015



Firmly settled in his adopted hometown of Berlin, 29 year-old Brit Ed Davenport has slowly yet surely carved out a niche of his own. He runs his own label, Counterchange Recordings, co-runs the historic Infrastructure New York imprint with Function, and also releases music under his Inland guise.

The launch of the Counterchange label in 2013, and his co-management of the recently relaunched Infrastructure New York label alongside Function, both represent the constant development of Davenport as an artist concerned with doing things his own way. Driven by a sense of the timelessness of great music, Ed continues to hone a sound that is at once emotional, engaging, and expansive.

Having cut his teeth on the London scene and released a handful of well-received 12s, it was his move to Berlin in 2008 that afforded Ed the creative space to fully develop his potential. Davenport quickly landed himself regular gigs in the German capital, playing the first of many sets at Panorama Bar in September that same year. After a period of deep research and development, often being called in to play 8 hour closing sets at the famed venue, Davenport began a closer relationship with the Techno stylings of Berghain. Since the start of 2013 Ed appeared at least 6 times a year at the club, holding up a regular slot that has seen his fan-base grow hugely, both in Berlin and internationally.

In May 2014 Ed unveiled a new chapter in his artistic development, as he teamed up with Function as ‘Function/Inland’ for the first release on the newly re-launched Infrastructure label. Their ‘Odeon/Rhyl’ EP met critical acclaim and Ed now co-runs the label with the respected American techno-mainstay. The pair play selected shows together presenting their Function/Inland DJ sets and Live show. Proving to be a fruitful partnership both in the studio and behind the decks, Infrastructure is set to release more material from Function/Inland in early 2015. It’s clear Ed Davenport’s mission to represent quality, timeless music is only just beginning.




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NEWS: An Ed Davenport remix for Par Grindvik’s Stockholm Ltd will surface this summer, with a tough interpretation of Andre Kronert’s ‘C.O.D.E.2′. Andre Kronert was our headliner in June 2014. 


When did your love affair with Electronic Music begin?

When I was 10 or 11, listening to cassette tapes like ‘Rave Generation vol.2, ‘Fantasia’ party recordings from these huge UK raves, and stuff in the UK charts like Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Faithless, etc. Pretty standard stuff, but it was enough to get me hooked.

What was your biggest motivation to move to Berlin?

The amazing music scene and my frustration with being an artist living in London!

What’s your favorite place on earth you have visited or lived so far?

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. I was lucky enough to visit it with my family about 10 years ago – its one of the strangest and most beautiful places. The Whole park is sitting on top of a giant dormant volcano.


What was one of your best gigs of this last 12 months and  how many gigs do you actually play per year? 

I played a 5 hour set at Berghain on my 30th Birthday in april, and then 5 weeks later I played there again for the release party of ‘Berghain 07’, which I have a track on. So these two gigs are equally my highlight of the year so far. Last year I played around 50 shows all together.

What is your expectation with Vietnam and is there something you want to see, eat or try when you are there?

I’ve been told the food is amazing, so I’ll have to try to get as much in me as possible in the 24 hours that I’m there…! But in general I’m just open minded and curious to see how people respond to my music there, and what the city is like.

Can you tell us a bit more about your motivation to  create your guise Inland.

Inland is my techno alter ego. It is supposed to be as pure as possible, and in many ways that means it’s not for everyone. I just follow my heart and make stuff that I want to play out and hear in the club. It should be tough, funky and weirdly hypnotic. It’s not about following any trends or modern fashion techno. I think it’s much more rooted in classic, old school techno, but with up to date production values.

We read you will make a remix of Andre Kronert’s C.O.D.E.2. Andre is a very good friend of us and also was here about one year ago. Could you tell us when we can hear your interpretation , since we are very anxious to hear this production –

It should be coming out this summer on Par Grindvik’s label – Stockholm LTD. There will be an Efdemin remix on the other side too!

Would you be willing to share one or some of your favorite productions you are listening to at the moment and your favorite techno productions of all time?

I just bought a beautiful remix of Ambiq by Tobias on Arjuna Music. Its totally avant garde acoustic and modular based stuff, with lots of loosely syncopated tonal sounds, but it’s all underpinned by Tobias’ classic 808 drums. I love what those guys are all doing – Tobias, Atom ™, Max Loderbauer, Moritz Von Oswald Trio…. I’m also addicted to the classic 70s recording by The Rhythm Devils – ‘The Apocalypse Now Sessions’ – far out, jungle river drums and live percussion, man

When was your breakthrough, means when did record labels recognize your talent and your amazing kind of techno music?

My First signing was in 2006 and there was a little buzz around those first records, on Gumption and Liebe*Detail. Since then I’ve moved on in my sound and I think it’s fair to say there has a been a resurgence in interest in what I do in the last few years. The Inland records seemed to make an impact – COUNTER001 and the Figure SPC record (‘Nightfall’) in particular, and now since last year’s collab with Function ‘Odeon/Rhyl’ on Infrastructure, I feel like the emphasis is on this side of my work.

HEADLINER = ED DAVENPORT — Trưởng thành ngay tại London, tự phát hành những đĩa nhạc rất được chú ý, nhưng chính bởi việc sang Berlin năm 2008 mới mang lại cho Ed một không gian sáng đúng nghĩa để phát triển hết tiềm năng. Davenport nhanh chóng tham gia thường xuyên các set nhạc tại thủ đô nước Đức, diễn mở màn cho loạt các set nhạc đáng nhớ tại Panorama ngay trong năm đó. Sau một giai đoạn tìm tòi và rèn luyện, thậm chí từng diễn những set kết thúc dài 8 giờ liền ở Panorama, Davenport đã có mối quan hệ hữu hảo với phong cách techno của hộp đêm Berghain. Từ đầu 2013 Davenport xuất hiện ít nhất 6 lần tại Berghain, có một chỗ đứng định kỳ cũng như chứng kiến các fan của mình ngày càng đông đảo hơn, không chỉ tại Berlin mà còn khắp nơi trên thế giới.

Tháng 5 2014, Ed vén màn một chương mới trong sự nghiệp sáng tạo khi kết hợp với Function, tạo thành bộ đôi Function/Inland cho ấn phẩm đầu tiên tại Infrastructure Odeon/Rhyl kể từ khi label hồi sinh, được nồng nhiệt ủng hộ. Giờ đây Ed đồng quản lý Infrastructure với các DJ techno Mỹ đình đám. Bộ đôi cùng chọn các show diễn cho mình ở đó họ phô diễn các âm thanh cực kỳ ấn tượng, và tràn đầy sáng tạo trong một sự ảnh hưởng qua lại khác thường cả trong phòng thu lẫn sau bàn mix. Infrastructure sẽ tiếp tục cho ra các ấn phẩm âm nhạc mới từ Function/Inland đầu năm 2015. Rõ ràng, sứ mệnh Ed Davenport đặt ra khi muốn đại diện cho âm nhạc chất lượng, bất tử vẫn chỉ mới bắt đầu.

Đóng đô tại Berlin, quê hương thứ hai sau Anh Quốc, Ed Davenport ở tuổi 29 đã dần dà tạo được một lối rẽ cho riêng mình. Anh quản lý label riêng mang tên Counterchange Recordings, đồng quản lý thương hiệu lịch sử Infrastructure New York cùng với Functions, đồng thời phát hành âm nhạc dưới bí danh Inland.

Từ việc thành lập Counterchange vào 2013, đồng quản lý label vừa hồi sinh Infrastructure New York với Function cho thấy sự phát triển đều đặn trong sự nghiệp của Davenport trong vai trò một nghệ sĩ đeo đuổi những đam mê theo đúng cách của riêng mình. Thôi thúc bởi một cảm thức về sự bất tử của các tác phẩm âm nhạc hay, Ed không ngừng rèn giũa một âm thanh vừa luôn giàu cảm xúc, cuốn hút lại vừa khai mở.

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TIN HOT: Bản remix của Ed Davenport cho Stockholm Ltd của Par Grindvik sẽ trình làng mùa hè này, cùng một phiên bản rất “cứng” C.O.D.E.2 của Andre Kronert. Đúng vậy, Andre Kronert đã trình diễn tại Heart Beat tháng 6 2014.

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