News from Heart Beat May 2014 From house to techno in Saigon

andre kronert

News from Heart Beat May 2014

News from Heart Beat May 2014


May 14th, 2014



Last time there was mayhem and chaos, flashing lights, big red heart,
paper fans, dancing people yelling and screaming for more!  
And no one was alarmed……. Because it was “Heart Beat – Lucky #7

Now our next sound adventure “Heart Beat #8″ is coming
Friday June 6th @ Cargo Bar! 
For  the pictures of last episode HB#7 click here

HEART BEAT #8 – Cargo Bar  – 7 Nguyen Tat Thanh  
Andre Kronert Δ MadderModes Δ Chris Wolter Δ B.A.X 

kicking off special duo act “B.A.X & Tri”
& all night visuals by EROL
Entrance Fee Normal 100k VND Δ Students 50k VND
“PEEKING HOUR” 8.00 to 8.59 PM = ENTRANCE 50k VND
“Andre Kronert, our hero of deep grooves, is a true knight of the electronic
scene, a great supporter that never sleeps and always puts our music and
our well-being first.” Quoting Par Grindvik after Andre’s latest release -Exu-
on his label StockholmLimited. Let -Exu- under your skin and you will
find a dream worth every breath and heartbeat it takes.
-Exu- was written by Andre Kronert over a six month period. 

Another new track “Thrills” will be out soon on the amazing compilation
“Friends will carry you home” on Catz n Dogz label PETS.
In his productions Andre Kronert performs a mesmerizing balancing act
between two worlds. On the one side, there is the raw energy and
explosive power of his ecstatic, repetitive rhythms. On the other side his
style is characterized by subtle build-ups, filigree sound textures and the
warmth of analogue synthesis. For a good reason, since Andre Kronert
has been an avid vinyl lover since he started DJing 15 years ago.
During his live performances he exclusively relies on his beloved music
machinery which includes no laptop. However, he does not regard himself
to be a moralizer for the analogue movement: In the end, it’s all about fun!
Click here to listen to more Andre Kronert! 

Sept. 6 – Schlepp Geist  (Katermukke, URSL/Rostock)
Dec. 13 – Heart Beat Turns 2    
“Music gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination
and life to everything.” ― Plato


Flying Andre with 

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