Marco Effe – Q&A – 20 March @the Observatory From house to techno in Saigon


Marco Effe – Q&A – 20 March @the Observatory

Marco Effe – Q&A – 20 March @the Observatory


March 19th, 2015


16 March 2015 

When did your love affair with Electronic Music begin?

 Since i was very young, i have been attracted from the music.

I started to go to some local club very early in my life and i was under the protection of my sister who introduced me to this “world”.

I remember that everytime i felt like in my perfect habitat and step by step, the interest of the sound increased till that my desire was to descover something very special that would have taken me so far: the electronic music.

At the beginning of 2000 i fell in love with what will be part of my life forever.


Who and what influenced you to get into it?

My influence was the power of that figure behind the 2 turntables, that was making people dance ,for hours and i got completely shocked about this.

I decided to try to do like him by buying some very cheap stuff and from that moment i’ve never stopped to play.


What was your biggest motivation to move to Berlin

Well, this happend some years ago and i’m totally happy with my choise that helped me to improve in my job.

I remember that at one point of my career i needed some changes and some new inspirations.

I knew that in Belrin i would have found many big musician and my desire was to try to develop the sound as best as possible in order to compare my music with the best artists of the electronic scene.


What’s your favorite place on earth you have visited or lived so far?

I like to travel a lot and i visited wonderful places around the world but i can not compare with the love that i have for my own country in tuscany.

Beyond this, i think that Berlin is one of the best city for living that can offer a lot, but.. omg the world is full of beautiful places!



What was one of your best gigs of this year?

Everytime is a new experience and all gigs leave me something special but

i can not forget my first party at Watergate in Berlin of last september.


What was your expectation of Vietnam?

I expect something very special and the people must be very interesting!


What are your plans for 2015-2016?

Of course i will work hard on music and i will try to develop my one night “Impress” in Berlin which is at the 3rd edition now.

There is a lot to do but i’m happy because it’s all about what i like 🙂

Could you tell more about the inception of “Raw Verse”

Raw Verse is a musical concept that goes through collaborations with musicians.

I started this project with another artist who is a friend of mine, when i moved to Berlin and it’s not a business thing but, it is a way to express different moments and sensations by making somenthing very special.


What is currently high ranking on your “bucket list”?

The quality.

This is the only thing that i care about.
It can be an house track, a techno track, or an artist.. it doesn’t matter, but it must be quality.



Would you be willing to share one or some of your favorite productions you are listening to at the moment?

Did you listen to the new Rodhad remix for Hawling?

It’s lovely.


Can you tell us the venue, or maybe festival you are eager to play  

Sometimes your desire is to play in some places that result to be worse than others, so we never know, but i’m still waiting for my first time at Bergahin in Berlin.



If you had to team up b2b who would be the other “B”.

I think that sharing a dj is something very particular and a “B” has to be completed from the other “B” and not reduced.

A perfect “B” could be Ilario Alicante, who is a great artist and i’ve known him for 10 years and i really like what he plays.

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