Jan Oberlaender Bio/Tieu Su including interview From house to techno in Saigon


Jan Oberlaender Bio/Tieu Su including interview

Jan Oberlaender Bio/Tieu Su including interview


August 27th, 2015


#. Jan Oberlaender – The Germans say that lies have short legs. Meaning, they don’t go very far. Does this make them bad dancers, too? Well, luckily this isn’t one of Jan’s problems, because he is an honest country boy with very long legs. And skilful hands; that keep everything in place and everyone on the dance floor. Which is pretty much exactly how he settles things. He strides forth upon this world and into the club. He knows what we require for late night delight when our day is done. His long arms reach out to us and present us with a fresh, artfully arranged bouquet of grade-A data; indeed, its circular wreath of splendour, set atop a tightly bound bushel of lows is what brings us back to life at the end of the day. Sleep when you’re dead.

#Jan Oberlaender Người Đức cho rằng lời nói dối có những đôi chân rất ngắn. Nghĩa là, những lời nói dối sẽ không thể đi được đâu xa. Liệu điều này cũng biến chúng trở thành những vũ công tệ hại?Ái chà, may mắn thay đó không phải là các vấn đề của Jan, vì anh  là chàng trai tỉnh lẻ có đôi chân rất dài. Và đôi bàn tay điêu luyện; có thể khiến mọi thứ đâu vào đó và khán giả thì vẫn đều đặn nhún nhẩy trên sàn. Đó đích xác là những gì anh vẫn thi triển. Jan lao thẳng vào thế giới và vào các hộp đêm. Anh biết rõ cái những linh hồn lạc lối chúng ta kiếm tìm

khi đêm đến, khi ngày làm việc đã xong. Cánh tay dài của anh vươn đến ôm chúng ta vào một dòng chảy âm nhạc hạng A tươi tắn, sắp đặt tinh xảo;

Thật vậy, vòng nguyệt quế sặc sỡ đặt bên trên vô số những âm trầm đặc sắc quện chặt, là thứ thổi trở lại hơi thở cuộc sống vào chúng ta sau một ngày dài.

Chỉ ngủ một khi nhắm mắt xuôi tay. Bởi quanh ta, khi đó, chính là cuộc sống.

Heart Beat #13

Heart Beat #13


When did your love affair with Electronic Music begin?

1995 I went to the Loveparade / Berlin and afterwards to the E-Werk. That’s where I lost my heart to Techno.

Who and what influenced you to get into it?

At the age of14 there was HipHop. But then there was an Aphex Twin LP (don’t know the name now). It was an ambient LP with a lot of bird noises.

What’s your favorite place on earth you have visited or lived so far?

At first there’s my hometown Rostock, small but beautiful. Wonderful nature around the city. The beaches of the Baltic Sea are great. 5 years ago I was in Gahna / Africa, that was also a great expierience with the people and the nature.

Whatwasoneofyourbestgigsofthislast12monthsand howmanygigs do you actually play per year?

The next gig is always the best. Kater Blau / Berlin & Fusion Festival have been great!

What is your expectation with Vietnam and is there something you want to see, eat or try when you are there?

For me it’s the first time in Asia and I’m looking forward to everything over there. I love vietnamese food and want to try everything especialy the spicy things. My girlfriend is my guide, she studies the “Lonely Planet” since two months now.

What is currently highest ranking on your “bucket list”?
I did all things on my bucket list, from now on it’s just fun! 😉

Can you tell us the venue, or festival (or both) you are still eager to play AND the club and festival that is your favorite so far?

Burning Man.

Techno related to words like micro cosmos, sub culture, music genre, new hippie movement, tech house, edm………….tell us your opinion and thoughts

I know that a lot of people are thinking in such categories, me not, makes life easier. 🙂

What is it with you and Schlepp Geist. Is he your muse and/or are you his?

He’s living around the corner and is drinking all my coffee every day. But it’s ok. It’s important to speak about music, hear music und show each oth- er fresh stuff. And we’re riding on the same wave.

Any interesting productions in the pipeline? I mean can give your Viet- namese fans a scoop?

Just listen to my sets, you will hear.

What means Bachstelzen and/or Fusion to you ?

Fusion is the biggest non-commercial Festival with more than 60000 people. It’s something like a parallel-universe. When reach the venue, It’s like leaving Germany for 5 days. More than 20 Stages with all Genres of Music and Bachstelzen is one of the best stages there.


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