Interview (Q&A) Oliver Deutschmann – 8 March 2016 From house to techno in Saigon


Interview (Q&A) Oliver Deutschmann – 8 March 2016


March 24th, 2016



When did your love affair with Electronic Music begin?
It was on my first trip to Frankfurts Omen club in the 90ies. It was the regular
Sven Väth night on fridays. Blew me away, since then I am addicted to Techno!
What’s your favorite place on earth you have visited or lived so far?
I am totally happy to live in Berlin. This city still got so much energy and inpires 
me like it did 10 years ago. One of my most favorite places to visit was definitely 
the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia 10 years ago. Never had been to a place 
that is so magic before. Unfortunately I am so close to that now here in Saigon,
but don’t have really time to go there.
What was one of your best gigs of this last 12 months? Is performing at Berghain 
so regularly setting the bar not very high all the time?
 I would say my 10 hours closing at Berghain last year in may was something really impressing. 
In 10 hours you have the chance to tell even more than just one story. It gives you 
the oppurtunity to play a lot of the tracks you normally don’t play. 
And this in front of a always packed floor. Can’t get better.
What is your expectation with Vietnam and is there something you need to see, 
eat or try when you are here? Your friend Ed Davenport was only here for less
than 20 hours but with you we have plenty of time to hang out.
The best thing is always not to expect anything I’d say. When it comes to gigs 
this is the best way how to handle it. I like to be surprised. When it comes to 
vietnamese food my expectations are immense. I heard so many good things 
about the authentic stuff you can eat there and I will try out as much as I can. 
That’s my plan.
What is currently highest ranking on your “bucket list”?
That’s my secret!
Can you tell us the venue you are still eager to play?
There are still a lot venues or events  or countries I would love to play. But I think
as a first option I would choose Tokyo. I’ve played a festival in Osaka before but I really
would like to play in a proper club in Tokyo soon. I heard a lot about it from DJ friends
who had the luck to go and play there. Hope one of the promoters reads this! 
What can you say about your projects Orion and Berg. For example who else is involved, 
what is difference between them and/or similarity and what triggered you to start with 
Berg and with Orion?
Berg is a Oldschool Minimal Deep House Project together with Tristen, who is running 
Aim Vinyl. It’s totally different to my own little Orion project where I produce and 
play deeper and harder techno than as Oliver Deutschmann. 
There is no similarity. It’s completely separated.
I love a lot of styles in Electronic music. Tristen and me have a similar taste when it 
comes to old Studio 1 records, Detroit techno or dubbier stuff like Maurizio. 
So we decided to work together and release that suff as Berg.
I also wanted to produce more darker and harder, deeper techno music. 
That’s why I created my Orion alias. Both projects work pretty well til now and 
got a nice acceptance. So both projects shall live a long time!
Since out of the Dark you haven’t sit still, so we are lucky to see you tour and
release at the same time. Still wondering if you have any plan for a new LP? 
I am producing new stuff all the time. Mostly it’s tracks that fit perfect together 
as an EP or so. But having ten or twelve tracks that make an round album is not 
pretty easy. Out of the dark was something more easy to do as it was my first album 
and it was a pretty intuitive process to compile it. 
On the second one I want to do things of course better and more perfect and fitting. 
The most important thing is to find the time to lock me in my studio for two months 
and work on it. Otherwise I don’t think I can ever finish something that I am completely 
satisfied with.
Speaking about your labels. What is a reason to release a track on Falkplatz, GKNSTR and/ or
Well, first of all. Falkplatz is not existing anymore and vidab is still doing a break 
as my label partner works as a doctor full time and we both did and decided everything
here together.  So, to be honest I don’t know when the next release will see the light of day. 
Falkplatz I simply did on my own and only I decided what will be released there. 
Vidab is a partnership where we both always had to decide whats gonna be released or not. 
Mostly tracks from good friends or people we knew very well. Falkplatz was for me more 
like a platform where I could give some people the chance to release their tracks without me 
knowing them personally.
But as I said, its kind of resting and I concentrate more on my GKNSTR label right now. 
Gonna release some new stuff there soon.
Would you be willing to share one of your favorite productions you are listening to 
at the moment and your favorite (techno) productions  of all time?
There are a lot! Hard to pick one out. Ricardo Villalobos – Dexter – Playhouse
If you had to rank yourself, what is your best track you have produced yourself so far?
Hard to answer. Normally it’s always the latest one as I can’t listen to most of  my older 
stuff anymore. But my first ever released track ‘Siem Reap’ on vidab 04 I am still very proud of. 
It’s like a child for me. Also the track ‘Love Express’ I produced together with Magit Cacoon 
for her first album is a track that came out pretty good and got played by a lot of big names. 
That made me kinda proud and satisfied too!  On top it creates a great drive on the floor.
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