Heart Beat Alert February 2017 From house to techno in Saigon

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Heart Beat Alert February 2017

Heart Beat Alert February 2017


February 17th, 2017






NEWS ►  PÄR GRINDVIK in Apo blew us away. Ok this place are not bluffing when 
the say: "we have a soundsystem!".  Par, kindest, most relaxed person and behind the 
decks he radiates profesionality and confidence while he is pounding awat.
Yes,  he even played house according to Par! In the end it was a strange location
that worked very well in the end. We will keep that in mind 
And feel free to check out the event pics here.
NEWS ► February will not see any Heart Beat and Harbour team is adding new members
needs more time to get started. Harbour will be on in the weekend of 15 April with special
guest Karlo Weinberg. From Harbour will put our monthly events with a more eclectic selection
of music than you used to. Follow Harbour here!
NEWS ► In exactly 3 weeks and MARC ROMBOY will finally grace the decks in Saigon
It took a lot of effort to get this done and a lot of patience. For over than 10 years we
are admirors of his productions and dj sets. Often seen alongside Stephen Bodzin
but more recently Marc followed in the footsteps of SuperFlu and resconsructed Debussy 
with the Dortmunder Philharmonic Orchestra. Once more we have picked Apocalypse Now
because the show has to go on so climb up to the attic with us and dance! 
► Read more below!   
NEWS ► We regret to inform you Andre Kronert will not be our guest for 12 May.
Now working on a special Exile label tour with Marcus Suckut and Kronert in October.
Would be very cool if this works out! 
Instead of Kronert we are locking in with a French Techno Icon. Click here for a hint!
NEWS ► This Saturday "Save the Observatory!" with our BAX playing a nice primetime 
slot!  We will all be there !!
On the eve of the release of his first solo album since 8 years on his new imprint Hyperharmonic 
The Heart Beat crew, as long time Romboy admirers, are super stoked to present this special show
to dance music fans throughout  Vietnam / Asia. This is this one show you should NOT miss!! 


:::::::B.A.X. ▲ F.O.L., HRBR, Heart Beat

:::::::: CHRIS WOLTER ▲ Heart Beat

:::::::::::VISUALS by EROL ▲ Heart Beat

– James Holden maybe the Bowie of this era –
WWD: Thanks for joining us Marc! First off, talks us through the new EP
on Last Night On Earth, what does it signify for you and how did it come to be?

LNOE is owned by Sasha and it´s an honor for me to release on his platform
because he has written an essential part of the history of electronic music.
I will never forget when I listened to the legendary Northern Exposure/Expeditions
mix CD which came out in the late 90s. For me personally it’s a milestone.
I always liked the way he supported special trippy music.
Trance music in its real and original meaning. This influenced me a lot.
WWD: As a producer and a label owner you’ve undoubtedly reached the top
of the league. What is it that is still motivating your career?
Any achievements you’re
 working towards?

Well, this is hard to describe but hey, let me try. The thing is that I´m always
keen to create and perform unheard sounds and music. But the music has
to be unique and touching
 as well, independent from whether it´s always 4/4
danceable or not. And this is why I have just finished the production of my
new album called ‘Voyage de la planète’ which will be
 out in March.
The long player was produced together with different classical musicians
and there are a lot of sound experiments on it. To shorten the waiting time
there will be a
 new single called ‘Monde Futuriste’ before.
It will be out on 10“ in February.

WWD: We’ve read Kraftwerk are one of your influences and they’ve just
announced a 2017 tour of UK & Ireland. Have you experienced them in person?

I have met two members of them in the past but I have already seen them
live a few times, in Düsseldorf but also in Amsterdam. I was eight years old
when I bought their 7“ single
 the robots. Their album ‘Computer World’
completely blew me away. I mean it came out in 1981 and sounded like a
soundtrack produced by aliens. A game changer for a lot of
 people, not only me.

WWD: In short – why are they top of your influences and why should the younger
generation, who may not know Kraftwerk, make it their business to head along?

It´s easily explained. Listen to their album ‘Radioactivity’. And bear in mind that
this album was produced in the year 1975 when people were still listening to
Beatles, Rolling
 Stones and Rock. I always get goosebumps when I listen to it
and think about this. It was groundbreaking and still sounds timeless. There
are many other artists from these times,
 like Pink Floyd, Neu!, Amon Düül etc.
but Kraftwerk brought it to the point big time.

WWD: 2016 has been a bad year for the loss of musical influencers –
Prince and Bowie to name just two. Who do you think are the present day
artists who will be
 seen in similar light in 30 years’ time? If any..

Of course there will be a few. Aphex Twin, James Blake or also Actress could
be artists where we currently don´t have a clue how groundbreaking they actually
were and are. But
 it´s always hard to predict this. It could also be someone like
James Holden but he probably should release a little more.
So James, if you read this, we want more, haha.

WWD: Before long 2016 will be coming to a close, in terms of influences behind
you’re work this year, what’s been the driving force?

I liked the productions which were more off-beat, you know. It doesn´t have to be
that 4/4 kick drum all the time. I was even a little bored by this. The chart lists
mostly look a little
 monocultural to me, many colleagues could have more courage
to play different stuff. This is why I always respected artists like Laurent Garnier,
Carl Cox and Sasha as they
 always put the focus on great music independent from


WWD: Focusing back on Systematic. What have you found the most enjoyable
about establishing and running your own imprint?

Meeting and getting to know interesting people and artists and becoming friends
with them. This is such a gift in my life and I´m very very grateful for this.

WWD: Are you a proponent for philosophy pushing electronic music forward?
What are you trying to create/influence with your music?

I love philosophy and I´m thinking more and more about what music is doing with
us. I can frankly say that music gives me a lot of power and helps me in hard and
difficult times.
 It´s simply stunning to see from week to week that people come
together in a club or festival and having fun with our rhythm selection.
This is one aspect to make the world a
 peaceful and better place, yes.

WWD: What’s the next big project you have in your eye-line? 

For sure my album in March! But before I will perform with the Dortmund
Philharmonic Orchester in Dortmund, December 12th. It´s an ambitious
project as we will perform several
 works of the famous French composer
Claude Debussy and kind of remix them.
The concert will be also out on album in 2017!
(excerpt of interview with When We Dip, 26 Oct 2016. Full interview here  ) 
 Oblique Tendencies EP – LNOE060 Released Feb-2016  


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