Heart Beat Alert August 2016 From house to techno in Saigon

Heart Beat

Heart Beat Alert August 2016

Heart Beat Alert August 2016


August 10th, 2016





Tomorrow night HRBR, newly established sublabel of Heart Beat is launching 

and celebrating the release of this young imprints first ever EP with 2 original tracks

by head resident BAX. And 2 remixes by Bicycle Corporation crew from Italy.

HRBR (Harbour) can be positioned musicwise in the corner

of electronic dance music rooted in house, deep house and tech house. Music

that makes you want to move your body,  that is for sure!  

HRBR wil also focus on local productions by BAX and friends.

A safe haven for electronic music. Read more below.


Heart Beat working hard to add new events to the calendar. From Heart Beat 4 year 

Anniversary on 9 December until May 2017 we can share some names but nothing

is confirmed. Amelie Lens, Par Grindvik, Marco Romboy and Andre Kronert. For all

confirmed events please check below.




HRBR PRESENTS “What’s Left” EP001 Release

SATURDAY 13 AUG – doors 9PM to late
THE OBSERVATORY @ 5 Nguyen Tat Thanh D.4 
▲ HRBR, F.O.L. 
:::::::::MARCO MEI ▲ Bicycle Corporation, HRBR
::::::::::: PHUC LONG ▲ HRBR
::::::::::::::VISUALS by EROL ▲ Heart Beat, HRBR
Entrance Free until 10PM – After 100k VND – Bonus = one limited edition CD

Italian born, London based, Marco Shuttle is no stranger on the
techno circuit, his trance inducing dj sets are renowned in clubs all
over the world. When his not touring you can find him in the studio
working on his own productions;To back track his output one must
search the discographies of labels such as Clone, Brut!, Färden
Records, The Bunker New York as well as his own imprint Eerie Records

You completed studies at Central Saint Martins in women’s wear design. 
Do you see a connection with your sound and visual design sensibilities?
I think our taste in music is very much related to our taste in general.
I said before that the music I play and make is very much an expression of taste,
it has to do with aesthetics more than anything else. Having a strong background
in design and fashion has made me more aware and in control of this connection
and strengthened the coherency of my sound aesthetics. We often refer to music
in a visual way using adjectives like “ elegant” or “beautiful”, “visionary”… or at least I do.
So sound and the visual are linked in your creative process?
It’s more about a frame of mind than a direct visible link. My response to sound goes
through a similar, more or less conscious process than my response to the visual.
As an artist and dj I make decisions about it with a similar approach.
both sound and design are very much about proportions, balance, texture, weight,
so it’s about dealing with the same elements in different playgrounds. 
You started your own record label Eeerie records in 2012, initially to share your own music
but since then you’ve released cuts by Domenico Crisci, Healing Force Project,
Anxur and Michał Wolski. What’s on the cards for Eerie? 
There is a lot coming up in the next 12 months, including some very exciting releases:
A remix double 12″ package, a single by a new obscure Italian artist, “The Anxur Takes vol. 2”
(myself and Donato Dozzy as Anxur), another Michal Wolski 12″ is in the pipeline and
also Healing Force Project is following up with a new release.



What’s your favourite cities to tour?
This is a tricky question. Shows are completely different every time,
there are many cities where I really have a great time playing.
I think right now in Amsterdam there is something more fresh and
interesting going on than in other cities in Europe. I was really impressed
by Melbourne when I played there in March and I always enjoy playing in
New York at The Bunker. I should also mention Japan, Paris and Berlin…
You are deciding between relocating to Berlin and Amsterdam,
tell us about your affinities with these cities?
They both are very nice cities to live and work in as an artist. It’s proving
to be a tough choice. Berlin right now is a bit more saturated with musicians
and creatives who are desperate to be successful and chase “the Berlin dream”.
 It has became bit of a cliche but despite this and especially if you decide to not
go there for “the hype” it is still a fantastic and inspiring place to live, there is so
much more than the acclaimed Berghain, the tight knit electronic music scene,
48 hours parties, unbridled hedonism and so on. It’s still relatively cheap compared
to other European capitals.
Amsterdam as I said above has something more fresh and interesting going on than
other cities in Europe. It’s a city that really works on many levels, I think it’s very
progressive and energetic but at the same time laid back. it ’s a city where music is
taken very seriously, where the crowd is educated and has a genuine passion for music.
The country supports and funds nightlife which strengthens the scene and
has made it’s growth possible. I don’t think something like ADE, would be possible
anywhere else in the world… 


(interview with Lullabiesforinsomniacs 18-6-2016 link)
One of our favorite productions: Sing Like A Bird – T2X23 – 2014 



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09-09-2016 | Heart Beat Presents Marco Shuttle (Eerie) – CONFIRMED
07-10-2016 | Heart Beat + Institut Francais Present Antigone (Concrete) CONFIRMED
11-11-2016 |  Goethe + Heart Beat Present Till Von Sein (Suol) – CONFIRMED 
09-12-2016 | 4 YEARS Heart Beat w./  Amelie Lens (TBC) 


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