Bio Martin Eyerer From house to techno in Saigon

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Bio Martin Eyerer

Bio Martin Eyerer


October 6th, 2014


Martin Eyerer : DJ / Producer / Mastering Engineer / Label owner of Kling Klong Records and man behind Riverside Studios in Berlin! &
AND NOW – our special guest & HEADLINER for 2 Years Heart Beats coming 12th December 2014 We keep the venue still secret. However we will initiate this venue with our party!
When Martin Eyerer tells a story, everybody listens. Martin reports of his journeys throughout the continents, telling stories of wild escapades in a taxi across the Brazilian jungle through to the impressions of Earth’s capitals and the colourful array of citizens that inhabit them, and obviously of his many Gigs in these foreign lands. Those foreign places quickly become familiar territory when he sets up his digital DJ-system and starts to play that thumping first track because what he plays is groovy Electro-Tech House and the sound is a world language of its own that is euphorically absorbed through sweaty pores and pumping glands.
His passion is eminently clear when he starts to talk about his experiences and such is his passion and enthusiasm for the music that one could easily think it was all totally new to him. But it isn’t. Martin Eyerer has been a DJ for 20 years – and just as many years a producer, label owner, radio show producer. Throw in his two young children and it seems that the energy never leaves his side.

Martin Eyerer is not a laptop artist, but a true musician. His high-end studio meets the highest requirements and has become an interdisciplinary interface for mastering (whether it is Hip Hop, Pop or Electronic) and he is also co-producing several mainstream acts (Eyerer e.g.became a gold record in UK). On top of all this, the Tech-House Posse around him like Gui Boratto,Oliver Koletzki, Toni Rios, Stephan Hinz, Namito, Chopstick, Oliver Klein or Robert Babicz come to his house to jam. It is a small circle of friends who share the same musical interest and who put 200% in to every release they do.Whether collaborations, solo Works, Remixes or Compilations, all his works appear almost monthly on dance-floor dominating labels, like Kling Klong, Systematic, Audiomatique, Great Stuff, Kickboxer and on English big names like Renaissance or i/o records. The most unbelievable aspect of this is the variety of styles Martin stands for. There is no segment from Deep house to minimal Techno that Eyerer is not in control of, always keeping his focus on the dance-floor. This consistently high-quality of output results in rocking world-wide floor-fillers, spun by the most well-known DJs. Beyond that, hits like Make My Day (Haunting) by Eyerer and Chopstick feat. Zdar/Cassius made their way into the A-rotation of English music television.As an important platform for his music Martin Eyerer has founded his own labels – Kling Klong and Session Deluxe* (*recently stopped).  Due to the conscientious release policy (releasing artists like Koletzki, Namito, Oliver Klein, Babicz and Eyerer himself the Label boss was able to establish an independent sound between electro, minimal and tech-house on Kling Klong and more tooly, housy and underground on Session Deluxe. Releases of both Labels always enter the top 20 of all sales and download charts for electronic music.Peak time is the best time in a DJ-set, but in Martin Eyerers opinion, you have to work for it as a DJ – there is no way to force it. With that philosophy he builds up his sets, using the newest material and unfolds an oppressive, sizable Groove. Martin Eyerer does not try to get through the night with the current hits. Instead, he travels his very own sound-spectrum in one intuitively construed DJ-set. These legendary sets make their way around the globe resulting in Martin playing regularly in all parts of the world.

But Martin wants to reach more people than only those who frequent nightclubs. Thats why he regularly works on mix compilations, e.g. his own series on Session Deluxe. He has also set up same called Session De Luxe a national weekly radio-show that goes out live every Sunday evening on Sunshine live – Germanys biggest station for dance music, and its on this platform that Eyerer presents all the latest releases for his hungry following to devour as they polish of their weekends activities on sofas, in bedrooms or in the car on their way home after visiting their parents for Sunday lunch in the country. By himself or with guests like e.g. Bodzin, Anthony Rother, Chardronnet, Huntemann, Gregor Tresher, Abe Duque, Thomas Schumacher, John Selway or Shlomi Aber, Session de Luxe never disappoints. But not only are the monologues important – Martin also involves the listeners, giving everyone the chance to ask questions about anything concerning dance music.

In 2008 he released his debut Album on Kling Klong named Word Of Mouth.
It was the next step in establishing him as an international player. The album was released in 12 countries and exported to all the world. Feedback from the media was overwhealming. This and the fact that Martin was supported with plays and respect by most of the international dj league lead to a more than expected number of sales.
All in all Word Of Mouth was a big success. Martins first single out of the album furthermore came along with mixes by Marc Romboy and Oliver Klein. The next follow up will be cave canem incl mixes by Gui Boratto, Robert babicz and Someone Else.
For 2009 already dj gigs and tours are booked for Brasil,Argentina,Chile, Mexico,China,Japan,India and Australia. Also scheduled studiodates with a few other famous artists. In 2009 he collaborated with Benno Blome, Glimpse and Oliver Klein. Releases on Great Stuff, Sender Records, Buzzin Fly, Blu Fin and Kling Klong were the results. These releases got massive feedback and support by the big ones, like Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, Richie Hawtin or Carl Cox and many many more.
One Highlight next to some others, will be definitely Piano Roll on Great Stuff and Southern Soul on Buzzin Fly (# Uk Cool cut charts, # UK Buzz chart).

2010 is one of the busiest years in Martin´s career. He releases a new Session Deluxe, and also old and new cooperations wit Daniele Papini or his friend Namito.

This tunes were released on Blu Fin and Kickboxer. After about year break, Martin presented also a new Kling Klong ep, together with Oliver Klein. Furthermore tracks and remixes for Sickness Records and Lo-Fi Stereo and the compilation “Tech House Selection” on Kontor New Media. Above all great releases on Great Stuff, SubBubble Recordings, Mood Music and Monique Musique. Especially the liaison with Sasse, was very successful. Both releases on Monique Musique and Mood Music got great feedback an massive support by Dubfire, Dj Hell, Matthias Tanzmann, Axwell and a lot more.

But THE highlight in 2010 at all, is definitley Martin Eyerer`s second Soloalbum: “Tiny little widgets”. It s just released in October on Blu Fin. Eyerer presented himself as an artist with a lot of different faces. 14 unique tracks. He works with vocals , jazz elements, folk and easy listening stuff. He also made amazing features with Sian Kosheen, Phil Barnes or America Rodriguez and created fantastic vocal tracks.


After moving from Stuttgart to Berlin in August 2012 Martin and his partners Jade Souaid and Tassilo Ippenberger opened together the Riverside Studios – a 1000 m2 complex in the heart of Berlin. With direct river view and the neighborhood to clubs like Berghain, Watergate, Kater Holzig, Tresor or Weekend it became one of the hotspots of Berlin‘s music scene.



Tenants of its 15 studios like Booka Shade, Pan-Pot, Tobi Neumann, Sante, Florian Meindl, Stephan Hinz, Alex Flatner and a few film composers make this complex that special and successful. Of course Martin has his space there, too. On 100 m2 he brought his studio to the next level. The restauration of his legendary Amek M 3000 Console that was formerly owned by Pink Floyd in the seventies completed it surely.

By the end of 2013 Martin Eyerer starts to work on his 3rd longplayer including interesting and already confirmed cooperations withPrincess Superstar, Abby, Knixx and Ruede Hagelstein.

End 2014 the album will be released on Martin‘s very own label Kling Klong that has just brought out the Ibiza hit 2013 „Ninetoes-Finder“ (incl. Martin Eyerer rmx). Before this, a few other new releases will put out on the following labels by Martin: Out in May an new release on Highway recs incl a Nathan Barato rmx, one on Saved Recs in June, Get Physical singles mid 2014, one Release on Ovum together with Markus Homm coming this year, a Leena single in summer and a follow up to his maybe biggest club record so far: ‘‘Eyerer& Chopstick- Haunting.“ Which will be called Rockmachine and released in summer as well.

Đã từ hơn 20 năm, Martin Eyerer du hành vòng quanh quả đất vừa như một dj vừa như một nhà sản xuất. Gia tài hơn 100 đĩa hát phát hành bởi những cái tên hot nhất như Renaissance, Buzzin Fly, Great Stuff, Boxer, Auidiomatique hoặc chính Kling Klong do chính anh sáng lập đã được mua, được mở trên khắp các châu lục, từ Úc sang Á, từ Nam đến Bắc Mỹ, và đương nhiên, Châu Âu. Vô số đĩa tiêu thụ, các vị trí đáng gờm trong các bản xếp hạng cùng đánh giá tích cực từ truyền thông minh chứng cho điều đó, một cách ấn tượng.

Khi là một producer, Martin cũng chẳng thua kém: Các album xếp loại Vàng (hơn 500.000 đĩa) tại Anh, Úc và hạng xếp hạng Billboard tại Mỹ có ảnh hưởng không hề nhỏ. Là một vừa mix vừa master, Martin thầu một studio analog đáng nể trọng từ 15 năm qua, tạo dựng một chỗ đứng cho mình đặc biệt trong cộng đồng nhạc điện tử. Những khách hàng của Martin là các hang đĩa và nghệ sĩ, có thể kể ra như Mobilee, Watergate Recs, Terminal M, Keine Musik, Stil Vor Talent, Break New Soil, Pan-Pot, Oliver Koletzki, Wankelmut và nhiều nữa.

Sau khi dời từ Stuttgart đến Berlin tháng 8/2012, Martin và cộng sự Jade Souaid, Tassilo Ippenberger khai trương Riverside Studios, một tổ hợp 1000 m2 ngay giữa lòng Berlin. Nhìn thẳng ra con sông và khu vực trù phú các hộp đêm như Bergahin, Watergate, Kater Holzig, Tresor hay Weekend, Riverside trở thành một trong những điểm nóng của bối cảnh âm nhạc Berlin. Khách thuê ở 15 studio như Booka Shade, Pan-Pot, Tobi Neumann, Sante, Florian Meindl, Stephan Hinz, Alex Flatner và một số nhà soạn nhạc phim đã biến phức hợp Riverside thành một điểm dừng chân đặc biệt và thành công. Tất nhiên Martin cũng có không gian của riêng mình, trên 100 m2 anh đã cất thêm một tầng để mang về Console Amek M3000 huyền thoại của Pink Floyd từ những năm 70.

Cuối 2013, Martin Eyerer bắt đầu sáng tác LP thứ gồm những hợp tác rất đỗi thú vị như Princess Superstar, Abby, Knixx và Ruede Hagelstein. Cuối 2014 album sẽ ra mắt ngay tại Kling Klong của Martin, nơi vừa tạo ra bản hit 2013 ở Ibiza Ninetoes Finder (có cả bản remix của Martin). Trước đó, nhiều sáng tác mới khác của Martin sẽ trình làng ở các label như: Tháng , Highway gồm remix của Nathan Barato, một đĩa khác ở Saved Recs vào tháng 6, single Get Physical giữa 2014, một đĩa trên Ovum cùng Markus Homm sẽ ra đời năm nay, một single Leena vào mùa hè và theo sau bởi đĩa đánh club phất nhất từ xưa đến nay của Martin: Haunting của Eyerer & Chopstick, phát hành vào mùa hè dưới tên gọi Rockmachine.

Selected discography Martin Eyerer

Martin Eyerer – Tiny little widgets – Blu Fin
Martin Eyerer – Word of mouth – Kling Klong

Selected Eps:

Martin Eyerer The Shark Blu Fin
Martin Eyerer Catweasel Blu Fin
Eyerer & Sasse Safe my life Mood Muisc
Martin Eyerer & Tomcraft It s simply this Great Stuff
Martin Eyerer feat. Kosheen Your Move BluFin
Martin Eyerer & Sasse Swoosh Monique Musique
Martin Eyerer & Bjan In my house Airdrop
Martin Eyerer & Florian Meindl Donkey Chunk Flash
Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein Panamerican Kling Klong
Martin Eyerer Musica Rodante Session Deluxe
Eyerer & Namito Ripcurl Kickboxer
Martin Eyerer & Daniele Papini Sublime Blu Fin
Martin Eyerer & Benno Blome Hayat Sender Records
Martin Eyerer & Benno Blome Pianoroll Great Stff
Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein Dish of the day Blu Fin
Martin Eyerer & Glimpse Southern Soul Buzzin Fly
Martin Eyerer & Robert Babicz Salsa Roja Boxer
Martin Eyerer Cave Canem Kling Klong
Martin Eyerer Furthermore Kling Klong

Selected Remixes:

Audionatica Deep Soul (Martin Eyerer Rmx) Gon
Namito Marathon (Martin Eyerer Rmx) Kling Klong
Rah Band Clouds across the moon (Martin Eyerer & Jade Suaid Rmx) Great Stuff
Bahar Cancar, Matt Williams Ney (Martin Eyerer Remix) Subbubble Recordings
Monoroom Levate Una (Martin Eyerer Remix) Schallbox Records
Bombilla Complexilla (Martin Eyerer Remix) Sickness Records
Pascal Vert Strange Days (Martin Eyerer Remix) Lo-Fi Stereo
Michael Gull Fenomeno (Martin Eyerer Remix) Colludo Records
Acces Denied Morphology (Martin Eyerer Remix) KDB Records
Oliver Klein & Peter Juergens Let s take it (Martin Eyerer Remix) Kling Klong
Daniele Papini & Riccardo Ferri Fragments (Martin Eyerer Remix) Alchemy
Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas Shingaling (Martin Eyerer Remix) Great Stuff
Jochen Pash & Chris Montana Like A 69 (Martin Eyerer Remix)l Catwalk
Marc Romboy Krambolage (Martin Eyerer Remix) Systematic
Marshall Jefferson & Noosa Heads Mushrooms (Martin Eyerer Remix) Soap
Namtrack Clouds in my coffee Blu Fin
Namito Zwei (Martin Eyerer Remix) Kling Klong

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