DJ Cybersnack (Snare Snake) – bio From house to techno in Saigon


DJ Cybersnack (Snare Snake) – bio

DJ Cybersnack (Snare Snake) – bio


February 7th, 2014


DJ CyberSnack,  (Snake,  Snare )// Synergy Music Production (GER)

Born and raised in eastern Germany, he experienced the fall of the wall and therewith, gained freedom as a teenager. 1992 he found himself – by fluke – in the legendary Berlin Club PLANET, which opened his love to electronic music. With his passion for vinyl he started rocking the turntables in the mid 90s. Until today he is closely connected to the Berlin Music and Club Scene. TECH-HOUSE is the simple description of his sound.

Currently residing in Hanoi, VN.


Rainbow Serpent 2014 Part.2 by Cybersnack on Mixcloud

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