Bio SchleppGeist special guest @Heart Beat #9 From house to techno in Saigon


Bio SchleppGeist special guest @Heart Beat #9

Bio SchleppGeist special guest @Heart Beat #9


July 19th, 2014


Sebastian Geist was born in 1980 and grew up in Rostock, Germany. From childhood on, he was interested in nearly all kinds of music. At the age of fifteen/sixteen this became a bit more specific, by hearing a lot of HipHop. But also Jazz, Soul and Funk became more and more important. With about twenty his musical development led away from HipHop to Drum&Bass, Breakbeats and other types of electronic dancemusic. At this point he started to produce his first Drum&Bass and Downbeat tracks, which never have seen the light of the day. After a few years he felt bored by the releases in that genre and he became more interested in House, Techno and more minimal stuff. 2007 he moved to Berlin for educational reasons and started to take producing much more seriously. From this moment on he also worked on his production skills to take the sound of his tracks to the next level. That should result in some live- performances at smaller parties and open-airs in and around his hometown Rostock (i.e. Festival der Freundschaft @ Graal-Mueritz Beach) and the fact that his tracks have been played in different clubs or at festivals like the unparalleled Fusion-Festival. This „small“ sense of achievement lets him never stop working on improving his skills, to get unusual and fancy tracks out of his studio. 
According to Sebastian his biggest influence is the party itself. In the late 90’s when he started going out to smaller raves and the sound and the mood at these events was something completely new. To get lost into this sound for hours, with nothing than this huge bass, that darkness, the fog and some flashlights, was the most fascinating thing. And from there on he’s goal was to create something like this and he will!! Coming September 5th, SchleppGeist will be our special guest DJ  during Heart Beat #9 @ Cargo Bar in Saigon, Vietnam.  The don of minimal house, the man of the moment, is a guarantee you will be going crazy  on the dance floor


SchleppGeist’s latest release on Brise Records:

SchleppGeists productions:

SchleppGeist @ Fusion 2013 – opening Tanzwiese

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