Pulse#06 | ‘Amid 2 Calendars’ w./ 1DAN [UK] From house to techno in Saigon


Pulse#06 | ‘Amid 2 Calendars’ w./ 1DAN [UK]

Pulse#06 | ‘Amid 2 Calendars’ w./ 1DAN [UK]

  • Location:31B Lý Tự Trọng District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Venue:The Cube Bar Saigon
  • Length:09:00 pm – 02:27 am

With 1 calendar on page 1, the other nearly at the end, we feel like squeezing in one more night! .

First time collaboration with DJ/ Producer Dan Rodgers; the man behind 1Dan & Cambodian Soundsystem. Releasing on BattiBatti Records and Deepsystems Records.

Line up in order of appearance:
B.A.X. // Heart Beat
1DAN // BattiBatti Records, Deepsystems Records
Chris Wolter // Heart Beat Recordings

++ Non stop live visuals by Erol // Heart Beat

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Special Guest ***1Dan [UK]*** (https://soundcloud.com/1-dan)
A producer/DJ of deep house and techno currently based in Asia.

After cutting his teeth on the Leeds techno scene back in the Mid 90’s, Dan moved to London and was enveloped by the deep sounds of the Heart & Soul parties, connections were made through the the legendary record store Eukotech and soon Dan was playing at Londons finest underground parties.
Fast forward; a relocation to Brighton and the infamous free party scene with Positive Soundsystem and Innerfield.
In this time Dan also secured a residency at the Glade Festival Backstage Bar.
After many years of honing his sound and learning the craft, his first release appeared on respected UK underground deep house label; Atmospheric Existence. This was followed up by a rash of releases on the Maltese label Batti Batti.
With support from DJ’s such as Jus-Ed, Huxley, Jay Tripwire, Fred P and many more.
More recently, collaborations with Bittersuite’s Jon ‘Griffin’ Gray have resulted in 2 releases under their Tales Ov Rossi guise with a 3rd marking the launch of UK label, DeepSystems. To round off a succesful 2014, BattiBatti once again call on 1DAN to contribute to the excellent Tribal Roots EP

Short Introduction our resident support acts:
Chris Wolter// Heart Beat – founding father residing in HCMC, DJ producer/ hailing from Rostock Germany
B.A.X // Heart Beat – youngest member, Vietnamese piano virtuoso, composer and DJ/ producer.
Erol// VJ of Heart Beat, aka Erik co-curator of Heart Beat and hailing from Sweden.

Listen to their recordings and productions:


Latest Remix of Scorpion on Heart Beat Recordings:

Pulse is brought to you by the crew of Heart Beat Saigon; Pulse is in concept a smaller, more spontaneous variant of Heart Beat’s main events. Generally featuring local / regional DJ’s but not as a rule. Often Pulse events are in between 2 main events boosting international acts. Just because the guys can’t wait that long and hope that their fans share that feeling. As corny as it may sound, Pulse & Heart Beat literally go hand in hand. That means music wise you can expect the same range as you are used from them on any other event. Especially the Pulse including Darkroom (extra floor) means you will get your share of pure techno.
This Friday 23-1, Pulse is kept more compact and is scratching an itch to host one night in twilight zone of two calendars. The signature “underground body music” is guaranteed to chase off all evil spirits still lingering around and will set the tone for the new year.