Heart Beat Presents Birth of Frequency From house to techno in Saigon


Heart Beat Presents Birth of Frequency

Heart Beat Presents Birth of Frequency

  • Location:104 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Venue:The Lighthouse
  • Length:21:00 – October 28, 2017

► Doors 9pm – FREE until 10pm – After ONLY 100k VND
► Playlist
► INTRO Birth of Frequency, the second of the live techno quartet “Unforeseen Alliance” to climb behind the decks at Heart Beat in the coming Halloween weekend and certainly not the last this year. In November we will also bring Voiski to the European Music Festival and to the underground club circuit. This event will take place either in the Observatory Pop up location, or the Heart Beat Pop up location, that is to be seen. We have very few options thus far, but cancelling is not an option for us. One thing is for sure after Antigone, we are psyched to bring one more key member of the French Techno Scene to create some Techno Turmoil in the nights of Saigon! ▲ You already know Heart Beat Saigon as the purveyors of techno in the past bringing you artist like Marco Shuttle, Etapp Kyle, Ed Davenport, Oliver Deutschmann, Alex Bau and many more.

:::::BIRTH OF FREQUENCY▲ Construct Re-Form, Pole Group [FRA]
:::::::DEE.F (LIVE) ▲ RE.PEAT [ VN]
:::::::: CHRIS WOLTER ▲ Heart Beat
:::::::::::VISUALS by EROL ▲ Heart Beat

►BIRTH OF FREQUENCY [aka – Simon Coup] // RECORDING ARTIST ON Construct Re-Form, Pole group and many more. And part of the Techno live act Unforeseen Alliance, with familiar faces Antigone, Voiski and Zadig. Nostalgic of the Techno from the nineties, passionate by this time that saw the birth of a rough Techno, purified and incisive, Birth of Frequency aims, through music, at the expression of certain thoughts and abstract feelings. First (and always) a D.J., playing live is the best way for him of materializing his vision of Techno “in a transitory way”. He questions himself on a daily basis in order to deliver services and productions increasingly more personal and refined. His music, simple and “innocent” is the picture of his character. Polegroup, Construct Re-Form, Enemy or else Granulart Ltd, as many renowned labels that have opened up to him so that he could express himself and make his music evolve. Each record is in interaction with the others. They each bring a part of the story that Birth of Frequency wants to tell. More than a passion, a work, music is a lifestyle for him.

Live @ Neopop Festival:

►DEE.F – LIVE Recently moved from Hanoi to Saigon and plans to collaborate have been cooking for a while. Then finally it is time to inject the live set of DEE.F into one of the Heart Beat raves. Listen here

►CHRIS WOLTER hailing from Hanse city Rostock, with a very active scene, as we all have experienced these past years. At least 5 guests from the Rostock area come over to Saigon. Chris is already more than 7 years part of the Vietnamese culture and of course founding father (Papa) of Heart Beat. Releasing his signature sound on Heart Beat’s imprint with his latest techno release of Chanhy by night and “Scorpion” following “Bubi”. Made his debut in 2004 as DJ and in 2008 his first set in Vietnam during the Hanoi Soundstuff Festival. Now also performing and releasing both under his Alias Phuc Long on HRBR as well as Chris Wolter with the first official EP on Heart Beat recordings .
Listen here

►VISUALS by EROL – no light show will be needed, standing all night besides the DJ’s this one man live show called Erol produces the visuals that will entangle with the sonic typhoon the artist create and release. It is the Lightning going with the storm, the techno Viking god in person and hard NOT to get hypnotized by his creations.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Intro Heart Beat ▬▬▬ this is the 28th instalment of Heart Beat, also known as the Techno crew of Saigon, enriching its scene with their selection of “ Underground Body Music”, in doing so as a promoter, sound system, tiny community and nascent record label. Heart Beat brings foremost the techno culture to Saigon’s nightlife by regularly hosting nights. Here you can hear international renowned and local talent play classic & grooving minimal techno. They just call it “underground body music” Heart Beat purveyors of techno already brought you names as Par Grindvik, Marc Romboy, Antigone, Shifted, Henning Baer, Marco Shuttle, Etapp Kyle, Ed Davenport, Oliver Deutschmann and many more.