Heart Beat Presents MIKE DEHNERT // Fachwerk [Berlin] From house to techno in Saigon


Heart Beat Presents MIKE DEHNERT // Fachwerk [Berlin]

Heart Beat Presents MIKE DEHNERT // Fachwerk [Berlin]

  • Location:106/2 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
  • Venue:ARCAN Club
  • Length:21:00 – 05:00 January 19, 2018

► INTRO:  Mike Dehnert was almost in featured at Heart Beat in Saigon in 2015, but eventually only played in Madake Hanoi. Now to celebrate the birthday of one of the Heart Beat’s founders, we’ve invited Mike again. Being a big fan of his label Fachwerk and a big fan of his music and his DJ performance it was on our “to book” list for too long now. Residents Ouch and Chris Wolter will surround Mike D. dropping tracks you have never heard before and the purest quality music to practise your latest dance moves. This Techno heavy weight follows the launch the new imprint of Heart Beat, Pink Room records with Buxu EP by the hand of Chris Wolter landing as debut.
:::::MIKE DEHNERT▲Fachwerk [GER]
::::::: DJ OUCH! ▲ Heart Beat, HRBR
:::::::: CHRIS WOLTER ▲ Heart Beat
:::::::::::VISUALS by EROL ▲ Heart Beat
► NEWS: June last year Mike Dehnert released a new album on his own Fachwerk imprint, recently celebrating 10 years and its called Providing Home. ‘Providing Home’ comprises 11 tracks out digitally and on vinyl. It’s the German techno artist’s first solo record since How Close To Be / Me Too, a 12-inch released on DJ Koze’s Pampa Records in 2016.

►MIKE DEHNERT [aka MD2] LABELOWNER Fachwerk since 2007 (techno), MD2 (techno) Colombage (house)// RECORDING ARTIST ON Clone Records, Echochord Colour, Deeply Rooted House and Delsin and many more. Berlin native Mike Dehnert has run raw Techno label Fachwerk Records, the imprints’ mission is simple: to release their own take on raw, floor techno. And so they have done, on 37 different occasions, earning both the label and the artists behind it the respect of in-the-know, serious techno fans the world over. Dehnert’s own productions (often informed by his grubby, dub infused and textured live techno sets at institutions like Berghain and Tresor) have also been unleashed on the world via other respected imprints.

►OUCH! haling from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Dj Ouch! started deejaying in the late 90s. He is one of the founding members of the drum and bass crew Insane Drumsounds. He spent the year 2000 in Madrid and started to play deep house. He started producing his own beats in 2003. He also has a passion for funk, disco and afrobeat. He is now based in Ho Chi Minh City and is one of the favourite support acts at recent Heart Beat & HRBR events. Currently together with BAX hosting HRBR events that have already left their marks on the nights of HCMC in a rather short time. https://soundcloud.com/dj-ouch1

►CHRIS WOLTER hailing from Hanse city Rostock, with a very active scene, as we all have experienced these past years. At least 5 guests from the Rostock area come over to Saigon. Chris is already more than 7 years part of the Vietnamese culture and of course founding father (Papa) of Heart Beat. Made his debut in 2004 as DJ and in 2008 his first set in Vietnam during the Hanoi Soundstuff Festival. Now also performing and releasing under his alias Phuc Long on HRBR a new imprint with BAX as head honcho. And in 2018 expect several EP from his hand after the relaunch of Heart Beat Recordings, now rebranded as Pink Room records

►VISUALS by EROL – no light show will be needed, standing all night besides the DJ’s this one man live show called Erol produces the visuals that will entangle with the sonic typhoon the artist create and release. It is the Lightning going with the storm, the techno Viking god  in person and hard NOT to get hypnotized by his creations. 

►Intro Venue:ARCAN is a new underground entertainment venue, designed and operated by Goss & Flo and their crew through their company Asian Rave Connection Ltd.
Created in June 2017, ARC Ltd aims at creating various businesses to promote underground TeKno culture and other subcultural music genders such as Psy-Trance, Techno or Drum & Bass.
ARCAN, the first of those, will open its doors for the first time on Friday 13th of April 2018 for non-stop 3 days rave party, by night in the Club and during the day in the Restaurant by the swimming pool. A15kW indoor FBT sound system set up by Medusa and an International first for Pikip outdoor solar sound-system. Not to mention the unique psychedelic deco from The Mas Studio (Hadra Association) showcased for the first time in a club in Vietnam.

Enter in Hem 236 Dien Bien Phu Binh Thanh District or via 30 Nguyen Cuu Van, Binh Thanh District, and go into the alley in front of Hotel Lief, this is 106/2 Dien Bien Phu.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Intro Heart Beat ▬▬▬ this is the 35th instalment of Heart Beat, also known as the Techno crew of Saigon, enriching its scene with their selection of “ Underground Body Music”, in doing so as a promoter, sound system, tiny community and nascent record label. Heart Beat brings foremost the techno culture to Saigon’s nightlife by regularly hosting nights. Here you can hear international renowned and local talent play classic & grooving minimal techno.  They just call it “underground body music” Heart Beat purveyors of techno already brought you names as Par Grindvik, Marc Romboy, Antigone, Shifted, Henning Baer, Marco Shuttle, Etapp  Kyle, Ed Davenport, Oliver Deutschmann and many more.