From house to techno in Saigon


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Minilogue As you are used of Heart Beat, once more the line up cemented by 2 Techno heavy weights. First this Nordic hero is leaving his marks for over 25 years in the scene, not only as DJ but most certainly also as producer with 8 albums and 80 vinyl singles under his belt. You know him as Minilogue, Son Kite and Nobody Home. We are talking about Swedish Yoga fanatic and part time hermit, Marcus Henriksson. Second to the line up, the Italian export London based classic Techno dinosaur Marco Lenzi. A close friend ever since we’ve met him in Saigon some years back.

Read the interview we did with Marcus in our latest HB alert in your mail box 15 March or click here for English and read the vietnamese version published by our friends of Nycto Mag here

Transatlantic Label night: Heart Beat picked a suitable line up for this special occasion. A label night with three young talented label owners and music wise it links nicely to the style of Arcan. Founded in 2015 as a hobby project by three friends and music enthusiasts Jan, Jur and Moritz, initially served as a free online radio station that would broadcast some of their favorite gems and newest record finds — with a wide spectrum of genres ranging from dark ambient to early experimental music, obscure krautrock, detroit techno and electro, industrial, EBM, new wave and more — blended perfectly into hypnotic hour-long mixes. After a remarkable response among several music heads online, the three went on and took the internet radio to the next level and turned it into a vinyl-only label called TRANSATLANTIC. If you didn’t catch them yet at Equation Hanoi or can not get enough, then this is your chance see and hear them all in one night, in one room, test-driving Arcan’s massive 15 KW FBT club sound system.


16-03-2018 |  Heart Beat Presents Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue 
13-04-2018 |  Heart Beat Transatlantic Label Night w. Nthng 
09-05-2018 | Heart Beat Presents Steve Bicknell
13-07-2018 |  Heart Beat Presents Mike Dehnert